Tigers XC Cross Country · Strongs/Pond Challenge Take 2!

Today OHS cross country athletes made their second attempt this summer on the Strongs/Pond Challenge.  Many athletes beat or came close to their previous times.  Here’s a quick recap of some outstanding performances.

Bonita Gray, Tate Beasley and Sasha Willie were all on pace to destroy the previous course record on the Strongs Challenge, 43:45,  held by Bonita from last year.  They were on track to run 42 minutes but being the nice girls and awesome teammates they are, they stopped a half mile from the finish to help a teammate. To keep the results honest we had to count their stoppage time so they ended up shy of the course record but still clocked a 44:26 to top the all-time list for senior girls.  We look forward to seeing these girls smash the course record next time with 42 minutes or faster!  Kaitlyn Blackham was our first freshman girl to ever complete the Strongs Challenge.  Way to go setting that mark for our future rookie girls wanting to chase their way into the record book!  Elisa Boehm had over an 8 minute improvement over last years results.  That’s an impressive jump and we are excited to see her have a breakthrough season!  On the boys’ side Benjamin Anderson had an impressive 3 and a half minute improvement over his June attempt.  Jack Blodgett and Coby Wight both cracked into the top 4 all time sophomore boys showing a promising sophomore class that is going to be key to our varsity team this year as well as a promising future the next couple years for OHS XC!  On the Pond Challenge Claire Ewert had an impressive 4 minute improvement over her June performance while Ryan Ekstrom came in 3 minutes ahead of his previous attempt!  Keep up the good work Tigers!  It’s paying off!  Below are this year’s results as well as our all-time leader board by grade.  If you don’t think these times are impressive go try the route out yourself!  It is a result of Coach Janae having too much time on her hands to think up the hardest- I mean most fun- route for these kids to test their fitness!  These are some tough kids and the competition better be watching out for the Tigers this fall!

Strongs Challenge
6/28/2020 7/17/2020
Senior Boys
Dallin Christensen 38:40
Carter Draper 39:33
Nick Bosworth 49:20
Junior Boys
Sean Feeny 39:55 40:22
Grant Godfrey 44:05
Alex Robert 44:58
Sophomore Boys
Tommy Stark 37:00
Jack Blodgett 37:15
Carter Parsons 37:28
Coby Wight 37:42
Bryce Montgomery 38:03
Ben Nielson 41:20
Benjamin Anderson 46:50 43:22
Will Fennel 44:11
Freshman Boys
Collin Draper 41:53
Senior Girls
Bonita Gray 44:26
Tate Beasley 44:26
Sasha Willie 44:26
Elisa Boehm 47:56
Katie Crabtree 48:47
Junior Girls
Cecily Eagleton 52:47 51:27
Freshman Girls
Kaitlyn Blackham 50:07
Pond Challenge
Senior Boys
Thomas Abney 22:18
Benjamin Abney 22:25
Junior Boys
Levi Cannon 22:49
Freshman Boys
George Blodgett 23:23
Mikey McCrea 26:37
8th grade Boys
Jackson Drake 23:20 23:48
Ruston Reddish 23:59 23:26
Ryan Ekstrom 27:50 24:47
Bradley Ekstrom 24:55
Matthew Browning 27:09 26:08
Conner Wayment 26:08
Reed Millard 31:30
Adam Ballard 30:50
Junior Girls
Claire Ewert 29:50 25:53
Sophomore Girls
Gem Garner 23:29
Freshman Girls
Kaitlyn Blackham 25:26
Genevieve Allen 37:27 38:05
Katelyn Starley 38:21
8th Grade Girls
Shae Stevensen 27:50


All-Time Top Finishers
Strongs Challenge
Senior Boys
Sam Boehm 35:09 2019
Phil Jiminez 36:40 2019
Spencer Anderson 38:30 2019
Junior Boys
Carter Draper 35:28 2019
Miles Winkle 38:51 2019
Sean Feeny 39:55 2020
Sophomore Boys
Tommy Stark 37:00 2020
Jack Blodgett 37:15 2020
Carter Parsons 37:28 2020
Freshman Boys
Tommy Stark 41:33 2019
Collin Draper 41:53 2020
Gus Burton 46:16 2019
Senior Girls
Bonita Gray 44:26 2020
Tate Beasley 44:26 2020
Sasha Willie 44:26 2020
Junior Girls
Bonita Gray 43:45 2019
Tate Beasley 45:21 2019
Sasha Willie 45:22 2019
Freshman Girls
Kaitlyn Blackham 50:07 2020
Pond Challenge
Senior Boys
Thomas Abney 22:18 2020
Benjamin Abney 22:25 2020
Junior Boys
Levi Cannon 22:49 2020
Sophomore Boys
Jake Peterson 00:20:30 2019
Levi Cannon 00:24:24 2020
Freshman Boys
Silas Loosli 24:52 2019
Mikey McCrea 26:37 2020
Oliver Loosli 28:38 2019
Senior Girls
Heather Feeny 30:00 2019
Maya Ekstrom 30:27 2019
Junior Girls
Rachel Ballard 29:45 2019
Claire Ewert 29:50 2020
Pearl Marden 32:17 2019
Sophomore Girls
Gem Garner 23:29 2020
Freshman Girls
Kaitlyn Blackham 25:26 2020
Genevieve Allen 37:27 2020
Katelyn Starley 38:21 2020